Meet Our Passionate Team

Dr. Angela Pine
Founder & CEO

Dr. Angela Pine started out as a PA to some major UK corporate players but soon realised she was not fulfilling her purpose. She quickly changed gears and is now an accomplished molecular engineer with a proven track record, working at the forefront of scientific innovation. Angela has developed novel technologies such as gene therapy for prostate cancer and a diagnostic for SARS-CoV-2.  She now turns her attention to women’s health as Founder of 10zyme, a femtech start-up committed to developing more accessible diagnostics and democratising healthcare.

Marketing Team

Tomera Rodgers
Director Brand & Communications

Tomera is a mother of 3 and a retired USArmy Soldier with 25 years of service. She compliments that with 10 years of experience in marketing and communications. Upon retirement at the age of 40, Tomera decided to earn her BA Psychology for personal and professional reasons. This now helps her bring that extra human touch toward meeting our goals. She has already designed our logos and created assets such as the website, newsletters and the Preventionists Guide series. "I'm so honoured to be part of the greatest innovation for women’s health in decades. Angela is a true inspiration!

Marketing Manager

Megan is a 21-year-old business management and marketing student from Hertfordshire. She strongly feels the topics of cervical cancer and HPV are often overlooked, believes it's crucial to raise awareness and educate people. “Being part of a team that's creating a platform for education is incredibly meaningful to me. The idea of offering an alternative to traditional cervical screenings is something that I and other women in my life would appreciate.”



Eloise Hughes
Content Design Manager

I believe it will be an incredible advancement for woman’s health and to bring more awareness about HPV and cervical cancer. I also want to be a part of the cause due to having a family history of cancer and rarely heard anything about HPV past sex education in secondary school. I hope this role can provide me with the knowledge and experience of working within the social media field. When I’m not working I enjoy reading books, playing games, travelling and watching films. I also have 2 dogs who always keep me occupied.



Tik Tok Engagement Manager

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Maya Held
Content Contributor

Maya Held is a current 3rd year student studying Natural sciences at UCL. She is extremely passionate about researching gendered approaches to healthcare. "I’m so excited to be joining the 10zyme content team to destigmatize reproductive health. Through this position, I hope to become a better communicator and eventually become a Policymaker in this field."



Rhina Houinato
Content Contributor

Rhina Houinato, is from Benin Republic on the western coast of Africa. She completed secondary school through the International Baccalaureate programme from an American International school in Yaounde, Cameroon. Rhina recently earned a degree in Biotechnology with Enterprise from the University of Leeds. "I'd love to continue forging a career in science, particularly in roles where I can be expressive and impactful. I'm excited to embark on this journey with 10zyme because I want to contribute my skills to increasing awareness and education about preventable conditions like cervical cancer."

Aggie Myszka
Content Contributor

Aggie is an aspiring writer and excited to be part of 10zyme’s writer team! Aggie has a degree in Film Production and pursuing a master’s in creative writing. Her true passion lies at the art of writing and sharing information with others. Her goal at 10zyme is to simplify complex topics and make them accessible to all readers, spreading awareness and educating people on the importance of HPV and how to help people.



Padmanaidu Chaitanya
Content Contributor

Padmanaidu is a postgraduate Biotechnologist whose interests lie in Developmental Biology, Epigenetics, Nanotechnology and Biotherapeutics. His lab technical skills include Drosophila lab Genetics, Chromatography, PCR, Electrophoresis, Protein sciences, Tissue culturing and more. He is keen to learn new things and adapts to any work environment through sheer dedication and strong will to optimize and innovate.



Victory Ejidike
Content Contributor

Victory Ejidike is a passionate individual born and raised in Nigeria. Her academic journey took her to Russia, where she dedicated six years to studying General Medicine. However, her passion for creativity and writing emerged during her time in medical school, sparking her interest in content creation. After completing her medical studies, Victory decided to explore a different path and further her education in the UK. She joined York St. John University and graduated at the top of her class with an MBA in Healthcare Management.


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Content Contributor









Research & Development Team

Priyank Raval
Development Ops. Manager
Priyank Raval is computer science professional with a MA Computer Science. He brings his experience in website and app development to enhance user experience and contribute to the fight against cervical cancer. "Joining 10zyme fills me with pride, knowing that I am part of the team making a positive impact on women’s health. I am grateful for the support from Dr Angela Pine and the entire team. I’m excited to embark on this incredible journey together.”
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R&D Intern

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