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Dr. Angela Pine speaks to speaks to Dr. Angela Pine on the importance of cervical screening and the challenges women face in attending.



In a recent article for, Dr. Angela Pine illustrates the frightening reality that high-risk HPV causes most cervical cancers and has no symptoms. However, she does confirm there are symptoms of cervical cancer that can be detected through screening.


Sadly, approximately 4.6 million women in the UK, nearly a third, don’t attend their screening appointments. Dr. Pine discusses reasons why and what needs to be done to change this, shining a light on the fact that screening is the only way to understand cell changes and risk. 


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10zyme, led by Dr. Pine is forging ahead on its mission to eliminate cervical cancer through dedication to creating a simple, more effective and personal way to self-screen. Follow 10zyme Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for all the latest on development and prevention support.

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