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Crowdfunding Campaign Launch

10zyme, a fem-tech company, launches its first ever crowdfunding project to support prevention revolution efforts in taking action against cervical cancer

Essex, UK (July 03, 2023) — 10zyme is developing the first user-friendly diagnostic that will disrupt current cervical cancer screening methods, globally democratising healthcare and prevention.

Dr. Angela Pine, Founder of 10zyme, today launched the crowdfunding campaign with as part of the startup’s new Prevention Revolution. 10zyme is developing the first at-home, non-invasive high-risk HPV test and results kit, to replace the current ‘smear’ approach. 

The crowdfunding campaign will generate financial support that will go toward the cost of renting lab space, chemicals/reagents needed for experiments and other essential items needed to validate the efficiency and safety of the test for public and health systems’ use. As 99.8% of all cervical cancers are preventable, this test will help ensure no women has to die from cervical cancer caused by high-risk HPV by providing accessible and convenient self-testing and results. It will make cervical screening easy, efficient and most importantly available to anyone around the world.

Dr. Pine has already earned £5,000 of the £25,000 goal as the winner of the Edinburgh Innovations Venture Builder Incubator Demo Day. The crowdfunding campaign is just one of our campaigns and will help cover the remaining amount needed to develop the test further. 

Dr. Pine states, “We’re starting as we mean to go on, with action and a loud voice. The world has been falling behind in terms of cervical cancer prevention. The stats have to change and I firmly believe the work we do at 10zyme will absolutely help bring the world closer to realising the elimination of cervical cancer.”

*****Notes to Editor*****

About 10zyme

10zyme is a femtech biotechnology company specialising in developing user-friendly diagnostics.

10zyme is pioneering an exceptionally simple and accessible non-invasive high-risk HPV test for use in cervical screening. Allowing for the decentralisation and democratisation of women’s healthcare. 

10zyme are leading the way in creating solutions that will bring the world closer to the WHO goal of eliminating cervical cancer globally by 2030.

For more information, contact Angela Pine at

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Media contacts

Tomera Rodgers

10zyme Brand & Communications Advisor

Angela Pine

10zyme Founder & CEO

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